3 Expert Tips for Including a Workspace in Your Custom-Built Home

Guest blog by Tina Martin
Custom Built Home

Home is where the heart is for your family. If you own a home-based business though, your home may also be the heart of your professional life. That’s why so many folks just like yourself choose to incorporate a workspace into their custom-built home. 

If you are looking to make the same sort of addition to your new home, these tips from Birch & Beam might come in handy. 

Always Start by Hiring The Right Help 

Your dreams of a custom-built home are likely filled with floor plans and design elements. After all, these are the more exciting aspects of building a home, but hiring the right builder is honestly the most important step. You will know you’ve found the right contractor when you feel like you can truly trust and depend on that builder. Also, make sure your builder is willing to really listen to you and to care about your expectations. 

Your builder can also give you home office design pointers. Look through online examples first, so you can get a better idea of what sort of workspace setup you desire. Also, don’t be afraid to incorporate your own style and personality. Then you’ll be much happier spending time in it. 

Finally, if you are starting a new business or expanding an existing one, you may also want to look into using a formation service. Then you will have valuable tools and resources at your disposal to set up an LLC, which can provide liability and tax benefits for your business. You’ll need to go over the rules for your state, but using a formation service saves time and money. 

Then Start Thinking About Functionality 

According to science, maximizing productivity in your new workspace is all about creating comfort and boundaries. For instance, being able to escape your office for frequent breaks can provide a boon in focus and energy. Adding an additional room to your floor plan for this workspace can make it easier to get up and escape from work. 

Greenery has also been shown to enhance productivity. We’re not talking about green paint or decor, but rather little bits of nature. You could simply add a potted plant to your desk or office, but you’re designing the workspace of your dreams! So, instead of thinking small, think about asking your builder to include luxe greenspaces throughout your home and in your office. 

Of course, you will also need a few basics to keep your home business running, like technology, books and paperwork. Which means you will need to include shelves, drawers and other features in your workspace to keep all of these smaller essentials organized

Finally, Have Some Fun With Color and Design 

While functionality is key when designing and building a home workspace, style matters as well. As we’ve already mentioned, adding your own personality to a home office will make it feel more inviting and comfortable for you and any potential visitors. 

You can add personality with color, if you choose, but try to keep your palette flowing from room to room. Many professional designers use the 60-30-10 rule to accomplish this in their client’s homes. With this rule, you will be working with dominant, secondary and accent colors. 

If you prefer not to do the math on your own, an interior decorator can also help you put the finishing touches on your dream home office and your dream home. At Birch & Beam, we employ experienced interior decorator Gina Pardoe to help add cohesion and style to finished homes. 

Including a dedicated workspace in your home plans is the best way to ensure your home-based business has the space it needs to grow and thrive. Then you can choose every last detail, from the floorplan to the final design touches. All of which will give you a space you will be thrilled to work and live in for years to come! 

Birch & Beam has the resources and expertise you need to create a personalized sanctuary. A dream home where you can continue to create memories with the people you love while growing a successful home-based business. 

Photo Credit: Pexels