Choosing the Right Contractor to Be My Custom Home Builder

Part 2
exterior image of blue house with stone siding

In Part 1 we talked about the fact that choosing the right contractor to build your home is a monumental decision.  In this post we’re going to talk about the next two very important areas – Education and Communication.

3) Education.  This goes both ways.  Is your contractor educating you – about their company and what you can expect, about the building process, about materials and techniques?  Will they welcome you to their jobsite and show you what’s happening, or do you feel like they may have something to hide? Maybe more importantly, is your contractor educated? Does he know the current building codes and does he care to implement them carefully?  Does he exceed expectations by doing work that is beyond current building codes and the standards among other contractors in the local market?  A lot of the important things in a home are behind the walls, things you don’t see, but they will either make or break your custom home experience in the years to come as the errors or inferior work of your contractor comes to light and you need to begin costly repairs to things that could have been prevented.  We are all human, and none of us are super computers – Will your contractor utter the magic words – “I don’t know, but I can certainly find out for you and let you know.”

4) Communication.  What sort of communication do you expect to have with your contractor?  The builder/client relationship needs to be a very open, and close relationship for the next year of the building process. Can you tell what it will look like even before signing a contract?  Do they quickly return phone calls, texts and emails?  Is your communication with them warm and welcoming or vague and evasive?  Are they answering your questions and explaining things clearly?  Does it feel to you like they actually want your business and you are a very special, individual client, or just another in a long list of prospects and homes they are pushing through for that year?