Choosing the Right Contractor to Be My Custom Home Builder - Part 1

exterior image of olive green house

Beginning the process to build your custom home is a very exciting time.  It can also be a bit overwhelming as you are faced with a million decisions.  Not only are you trying to choose a floor plan out of countless options, and hoping you’re getting it right the first time, but then it’s time to choose a contractor!  Could we say that this might be the most important decision you’ll make?  The right (or wrong) contractor will determine what the building process looks like for you, the amount of the stress the next 10 or so months holds for you, and whether or not the years following will find you relaxing on your new patio, or scrambling to find a contractor to fix what wasn’t done right the first time around.  Sounds fun, right?

So let’s talk about contractors.  As you begin meeting with potential contractors, there a number of things you’ll want to look for.  1) Do you trust them?  For you to be able to establish trust with your contractor is monumental.  To know that they will do what they promise…that when you pay them for the next phase in the project they are actually doing the work they said they’ll do.  That the project will be finished on time, and that if mistakes are made (we’re all human!) they will make it right.  Do you feel cared for?  Do you understand the expectations they have – and do they understand your expectations entering the process?  2) Are they listening to you?  Do you feel like you and your time are valuable to them?  Do you feel cared for?  You will spend the next year making many decisions together – do they value what you have to say as you talk about your dreams, the things you hope to see in your home, any anxieties you might have about the building process?

Next time we’ll talk about Education and Communication – two other very important parts in choosing a contractor!