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We’re all spending a lot of time within the four walls we call Home. With people we call family. While we think this is a good time for family bonding to happen over board games and puzzles, homemade chocolate chip cookies and movie nights (days?), we also realize that this is testing the strength of the family unity as most of us have never spent this much time together thanks to our super busy society and active lives in general. Birch & Beam is all about family and providing a place to call Home. We are supportive of communities and all the relationships found there.

As you work from your living room, or try to find quiet space for a Zoom call between the clutter of family life, we’re sure you’re analyzing those four walls and how they may or may not accommodate your loved ones. Now is the time to act. Birch & Beam is here. We’re operating remotely. We’re continuing to build the strength of our foundation and our team. When everything is “back online” we are planning to be moving at full speed. And you’ll want to be part of our schedule. We’ll be happy to accommodate that Zoom call or virtual tour of your home with kiddos in the background because we’ve got them ourselves!

Reason #2 why you should build with Birch & Beam – We always follow up, and follow through.

Check out our website (link in bio), send us an email at [email protected], or call us at 570.713.4157 – we’ll listen to you today.