Organize Your Time

image of keys, swatches and pencil on blue prints

“Hard work is not the answer.  You need to combine it with smart work.”  One of the things we’ve had to go over with our coach more than once (sometimes we’re slow learners!) is time management.  But we’re pretty sure many of you could use some brushing up in this area as well.

Planning is being proactive – you’re doing it in advance.  Insert the default calendar – your new best friend!  The place where you prioritize and schedule in your tasks and order out your day so the most important things get done first.  Not the “low hanging fruit”, all those little things you’d like to quickly cross off your list, because those things suck in all your time and can leave you feeling like you put in a hard days work without really accomplishing anything because the most important tasks are still undone.  Most likely the tasks you’re pushing to the side (read: trying to avoid) are the hardest ones or the ones you like the least.  The pre-habit stage is hard.  Learning to work through your day with a calendar is a habit you need to learn.  You’ll be scheduling your time so everything you need to do gets done and you are successful.  Maybe this time around we’ll finally get it!  And guess what?  If we don’t – – no coaching session in 3 weeks!  It’s called tough love, folks!