So you’re ready to design your kitchen.

by Tara McGuire

Kitchen Cabinetry

So you’re ready to design your kitchen.  It sounds like fun until you dip into the process and find out there are a million little decisions involved that directly correlate to how you end up using that completed space. 

We want to break that down for you and start with the largest component of your custom kitchen design – the cabinet doors. They cover most of the walls and serve two purposes: aesthetics and function. First you will want to think about how your door frames are constructed (inset, full overlay, partial overlay), which affects style, storage, and size. You will also want to think about cabinet door styles.

Let’s begin with the cabinet frames and doors.

Moving on to door/drawer styles.

There are a ton of different cabinet door styles you can choose from, from the popular shaker style, to raised panel doors. Below we will mention just a few.


Shaker doors are the most common today. They have a single flat center panel and are a simpler door option.


Arched doors have a raised center panel where the top has a slight arch.


Slab doors have no panel and are completely flat from side to side and top to bottom.


Mullion doors feature glass fronts instead of solid wood. They have dividing bars separating the glass panes on the door.
Do some research before you begin. Use Google, peruse Pinterest, and talk to anyone you know who may have recently built a home or renovated their kitchen. Take it a step further by stopping by a local kitchen or cabinet center or even your local Lowe’s or Home Depot to get a grasp on what the different options look like and how they will fit in your home. When you’re ready to move forward, find a contractor who does custom work and that you trust to move you from the process of designing something you love, through the mess of demolition and/or building, to the end result of your dream kitchen.  And let the memory-making begin!