The Value of a Business Coach

imaeg of green, gray and black paint with hammer, and tiles sitting on top of blue prints

No one ever said it’d be easy, this thing called running a business. Worth it? Yes, or at least we hope! Worth it to see our dreams becoming reality? To do what we love, and to work together? To be building our own dream team? Yes, yes, and yes!!

We couldn’t have done it without the influence of so many key people. Twice a month we sit down with our business coach from Action Coach. Besides our gratefulness to God for this opportunity to own and operate Birch & Beam and for His direction, we wouldn’t be here without our coach. We’ve spent hours with him, learning, growing, being challenged (sometimes to tears), and working ourselves to the bone on assignments from him. But it’s been so worth it! We leave each week, inspired and ready to hit the ground running once again.

So get yourself a coach, or a mentor. Someone to speak the truth and pick up the pieces and give you the courage to move on and do big things!