This is Us!

Picture of happy couple with glasses looking at each other

Two years ago Delmer and I spent weeks designing our home, at one point scrapping the entire upstairs and starting over. There was so much we loved and wanted to do, but knew that a house without a lot of “corners” and a roof that was not “cut up” was what we needed to do to fit our very lean budget. Then Delmer created the blueprints, and staying true to who he is he accounted for every detail and piece of furniture, every electrical outlet and the perfect window size/placement. He really is so good at what he does.

And now, current office view. Where we spend many more hours than we’d like to admit. We had no idea this office would house our OWN, brand new company. And never guessed that we’d need to find a spot for my own desk! We couldn’t see the big picture. In fact, 2017 (the year we built our home) was the year where everything was crumbling. Have you ever felt completely hopeless? At the very end of everything? Wonder how you’ll survive or even feed your family? That was us. But so thankful we know the One who knew how the pieces fit back together, into something more exciting and fulfilling for us than we’d ever guessed. Every day, well most every day because running a business is not a walk in the park, I am grateful that Delmer and I get to do this together. Every day it amazes me how our new company is possible simply because of a blending of our own unique talents and abilities – how we play off each other in a positive way and we each have something different that we bring to our clients experience.

And we get to share that with you! We love it. We love meeting so many incredible people and for the opportunity to be brought into something so special to you – your thoughts, your dreams, your family, an in depth look at your house plans as we carefully prepare estimates. It’s an honor, and we don’t take that lightly. From the very first point of contact – an email inquiry, a phone call, an Instagram message – you and your project are special and unique and we do our best to be authentic and show you the kindness and care you deserve. We are so grateful to all of you!