Why Build Better?

High Performance Houses Quote

The average homeowner might not care a whole lot about what type of insulation or house wrap the contractor is using as long as the price is low enough. But guess who's getting a phone call the moment a drop of water enters the house, or it's discovered that the windows are leaky??  

You guessed it — the contractor. And it's referred to as a "callback."


What if those callbacks that contractors consider to be normal and expected aren't normal at all and shouldn't happen? When a contractor tells you it’s normal for a house to “settle” and dry wall cracks to occur, you better stop the contractor right there. 

What if it's time for you to challenge what has become acceptable in the building industry and instead look at it as subpar work? What if it’s time you held contractors accountable for what they will promise or compromise on just to get work?  

At Birch & Beam, we are into the details. All of them. We build a High Performance home. It’s a safe home. It’s a healthy home. You can have peace of mind knowing your contractor took care of the details and the home is built to last as a haven for your family.

We’ve carefully crafted our Gold Standards to show you the building materials and techniques that we put into all of our projects. They are our standards. Because you deserve better.

Build better. Build High Performance. You really do get what you pay for.