Karen Plank

Kara Plank

Kara has been known to be someone who brings fun into the room with her! She is bubbly, warm, and authentic and is always ready to strike up a conversation with anyone she is around.

Kara is used to wearing a variety of hats in her life. She has many years of sales experience with a luxury brand in the direct sales industry. Her college degree is in early childhood education, and she has balanced her life as a local sales leader with being a preschool teacher, all while raising her three beautiful children, who are her world.

Kara enjoys finding unique coffee shops and is always on the lookout for a good scone. She is a talented musician and can be found singing around any piano nearby. Kara’s children – Clayton, Sadie and Tanner – keep her on her toes with their activities and friends, and what warms her heart most is the front door hanging wide open with the neighborhood kids freely coming in the house to say “Hi” or grab a snack!

Kara is excited about her new career as Homebuilding Concierge for Birch & Beam and looks forward to meeting many new people and taking the stress out of their home planning experience.