Simon Bender

Simon Bender

Meet Simon Bender – father to Delmer, founder of what was once Si-Be Builder, and now a team member at Birch & Beam.

It was 45 years ago that Simon and his brother, Jake, began building spec houses in Union County under the name Bender Brother Builders, constructing many homes in new developments. When Jake moved south 15 years later, Simon changed the name to Si-Be Builder and continued to build spec houses, eventually involving his sons in the business. Si-Be Builder created a name for themselves among local realtors, subcontractors, and businesses because of the quality of their work and their honesty/integrity, something that is often difficult to find.

Simon is married to Virginia, and together they have seven children and 14 energetic grandchildren. A meticulous man at heart, Simon spent many years drawing house plans on graph paper and making phone calls (no longer typical in our day of emails and texts) to line up subcontractors and order materials. Simon loves people; he may be a man of few words, but he's always enjoyed working with people. He loves to work and is grateful that he's still able to do so, and what he does, he does right. He also spent 25 years on the ministry team at his church.

Simon loves the outdoors (hunting, camping, hiking, biking) and instilled that love in his children. He loves to travel as time allows, and he enjoys a good meal, especially if a well-prepared fish dish is on the menu! 

At Birch & Beam, we’re happy to have Simon working for us and continuing that legacy of quality of construction.